Board of directors

Mr. Talal Jassim Al-Kharafi was elected Vice Chairman of the company since its establishment in December 2005 and then was appointed as Chairman in March 2008. In addition, he is also a member in the Executive Committee since February 2007.

His experience extends to many years in which he held several senior positions that added more knowledge and experience to his career. Currently Mr. Talal is a board member in companies and institutions such as Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Industrial Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait China Investment Company

Mr. Talal J. Al-Kharafi holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business Administration from Kuwait University in 1998.

Dr. Fuad A. Al-Omar was elected as a board member since the establishment of the company in December 2005 and then was appointed as Vice Chairman in March 2008. In addition to his membership in the Board, Dr. Fuad is also a member in the Executive Committee since February 2006.

Dr. Fuad Al-Omar has assumed the role of a Deputy – Chairman for the Islamic Bank of Financial and Administrative for a period of twelve years. He has also worked in the capacity of a General Manager for Zakat House – at the grade of a Deputy Minister in the State of Kuwait – during the period 1982 till 2001. In addition, he has assumed the role of a General Secretary for Al-Awqaf (2001 – 2004), as well as having experience working with a company in the industrial sector in Kuwait and one of the Islamic Banks (1976 – 1982). He was the Chairman of one of the banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition, he is chairing the boards of two companies operating in the field of real estate development in Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Fuad Al-Omar has more that thirteen publications in the fields of contemporary applications and management of Zakat, bureaucracy, Islamic Banks, Privatization, GATT agreement, Awqaf & Civil Society, Awqaf Investments and Institutional Structure and history of Islamic economics. He has also participated in authoring Individual Chapters in four other books dealing with the areas of Zakat, its proceeds and relationship with the community as well as providing training on its management.

Furthermore, he has produced fourteen comprehensive studies on ethical upbringing and its importance, as well as work ethical environment, administrative reform in the GCC Countries, the role of the Bureau of Complaints as one of the effective administrative supervisory tools, Historical Developments for and Challenges to the religiously-obligated Zakat, job Satisfaction, Privatization Operations and the Private Sector Appeal Trend, Governmental Expenditure, Islamic Banks and Awqaf Investments and Capital Determination.

Additionally, he has produced several practical papers and Technical Reports related to Anticipating the Future of Islamic Banks in the light of the Trend Towards Globalizing the Economics, GATT Agreements, Participating in Companies Capitals, Activating the Role of Zakat in Economic Development through Accurate Projects as well as Future International Cooperation among Zakat Institution within the Framework of Globalizing the Economy on the Horizon.

Dr. Fuad A. Al-Omar holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute – USA in 1976. After that, he did his Master’s in Business administration & Finance at Boston College – USA in 1988, and then he finished his PHD in Management at Leicester University – UK in 1994.

Mr. Abdul Aziz J. Al-Failakawi joined the Board of Directors since March 2016.

During his career Mr. Abdul Aziz J. Al-Failakawi joined Gulf North Africa Holding Company as Chief Executive Officer in November 2011. In Addition, he is also Board Member in Mena Real Estate Company (listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange).

His experience extends to more than 22 years started by working at Shuaiba Area Authority (currently Public Authority for Industry) and then rose through the positions in various Authorities and Companies until he was appointed CEO at GNAHC. His experience varied in the fields of industrial, financial, banking and real estate as he worked in companies such as Packaging and Plastic Industries Company, Industrial Bank of Kuwait, Bank of Kuwait and The Middle East. He also held the position of General Manger at First Dubai For Real Estate Development Company, and Vice Chief Executive Officer at United Real Estate Company (listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange). Mr. Al-failakawi participated in many specialized training courses in the fields of accounting, financial analysis, money laundering and others.

Mr. Abdul Aziz J. Al-Failakawi holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Kuwait University in 1992.

Mr. Tarek Ahmed Al Jasim joined the Board of Directors since May 2016.

During his career, Mr. Tarek held various positions in, National Bank of Kuwait, Mena Real Estate Co., And his latest position was a Vice President – Marketing handling Asset Management at Al Dhow Investment Company. He was also the Chairman of Rawaj Holding Co. and Al Farabi Investment Company. Currently he is Senior Vice President – Marketing at KFIC. Mr. Tarek has many experiences in the structure, management, development of Investment in State of Kuwait and outside and has participated in many specialized real estate courses and conferences.

Mr. Tarek Ahmed Al Jasim holds a holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration majoring in 1997 financial management from the University of Connecticut in Boston - United States.

Nationality: Kuwaiti

Mr. Shaya Abdullah Alshaya joined Gulf North Africa Holding Company as a Board Member since 2011

Mr. Al Shaya has more than 30 years of experience in various sectors starting with the ministry of communications, works with Al-Ruhaimani and Al-Shaya family & the Family House.

Mr. Al Shaya has BA in Arts from Kuwait University 1948.

Nationality: Kuwaiti.

Mr. Al-Khamees has worked as a Member of the Board of Directors of Gulf North Africa Holding Company, as he is the Vice Chairman of Al Rayada Finance & Investment Company, & Member of the Board of Directors of Mashaer Holding Company, Kuwait, & Board of Directors of Masa'a Real Estate Company, Kuwait.

Mr. Al-Khamees is the founder of Ali Abdullah Al-Khamis Law Office, since 2007.

Member of the Board of Directors of Al Safwa Holding Company, & Chairman of Yarmouk Cooperative Society.

Mr. Al-Khamees has a Bachelor of Laws from Cairo University, he is member of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association, registered in Practicing Lawyers before all Kuwaiti Courts including Court of Cassation and Constitutional Court, at the Kuwaiti Bar Association under No. 1401.